Important changes to blue cod fishing regulations

From the outset, the Guardians have strived to maintain and improve the quality of Fiordland’s fisheries for future generations to use and enjoy. This vision led to the closure of the internal waters of Doubtful Sound and Piopiotahi/Milford Sound to blue cod fishing in 2005. The Guardians recommended the closures due to evidence that the fisheries in these areas were in a poor state. The closures were temporary, meaning that they would be assessed periodically to see if there was evidence that the fisheries could be reopened in a sustainable manner. 

Community management of Fiordland's Marine Environment

The Guardians' Vision

That the quality of Fiordland's Marine Environment and Fisheries, including the wider fishery experience, be maintained or improved for future generations to use and enjoy.

Welcome to the Fiordland Marine Guardians

Beneath Fiordland's reflections lies a unique marine environment. This environment offers remarkable opportunities for diving, fishing and exploring.