Vessel inspections for Fiordland-bound vessels

Since 2010, the Ministry for Primary Industries has contracted Young Fishing Ltd to inspect vessels moored in Bluff Harbour and Stewart Island for their levels of fouling.  The inspections are targeted at those vessels that travel to Fiordland (regularly or infrequently) for the presence of marine pests; these inspections are undertaken monthly via diver survey.   Areas of focus are vessel hulls, and opportunistic niche areas (i.e. propellers, stabilisers, boarding platforms, zinc blocks).   These niche areas are not generally covered with anti foul paint and therefore provide an area where marine pests such as Undaria pinnatifida can establish,  and consequently be transported to pristine areas like Fiordland.


A Photograph of a fouled hull  Photograph courtesy of Jennie Brunton, MPI

Young Fishing Ltd is also able to undertake inspections outside the monthly routine inspections.   If you are unsure of the state of your vessels hull and would like it inspected prior to going to Fiordland please contact Paul Young c/- Young Fishing Ltd on either 03 453 5545, 03 212 7355, or 027 680 1258. Costs are currently borne by MPI for these inspections.


Please be a conscientious boatie by ensuring that your anti foul paint is in good condition and your vessel is clean and free of marine pests every time you travel to Fiordland. 


Please help us to keep Fiordland free of marine pests, its everyone’s responsibility.

Jennie Brunton, MPI, Wellington